How It Started

The Story

After COVID-19, in late 2020, my love for the English Language grew immensely. I read more books in 3 months than I ever had in my life. I started educating myself about globally recognized issues, participated in debates, read articles, literary and non-literary. And eventually, I had so much to share with the people around me. I started writing and writing, and I enjoyed every bit of it. It provided me with the fuel I needed to keep going. I found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life and it felt refreshing. I wouldn't say I have mastered the art of writing, but I try every day, to get better at it, and hopefully, you'll see that reflecting through my posts as we go on. You, spending time reading about what I have written, and how I feel about things, means more than you can ever imagine. Thank you for being here :)