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To start with, watch this quick video to know the technical meaning of Feminism:

In not only India but all over the world, Feminism is often confused with hatred towards men. People need to understand that when a woman stands up for her rights, it is not against men, but is so they can be treated equally to men.

By definition, feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

While things have gotten much better now, in the past few decades, men and women have always been dealt with in a vastly different manner. If talking about India in particular, from one of the many things, it has oddly always been girls who are repeatedly taught all the household work, which, I don't think is invalid, as everybody needs to learn to be independent irrespective of their gender, but the thought and intention carried along with it often lead to marriage.

Even though things have advanced up a lot now, as women are encouraged more to work, follow their passion, and to some extent are even free to do what they like to, in most rural areas, and well lots of urban areas too, people still haven't been able to evolve.

But, the question comes to WHY DO WE NEED FEMINISM?

Because, in a room full of women, a man may enjoy, but in a room full of men, a woman is terrified. And, by that, I don't mean a woman isn't strong.

Women are so strong that they can bleed for 7 days each month for 25 years in their life and still survive.

Women are so strong that they have the power to bring life to this planet.

Women are so strong that they can cook food, look after their kids, fulfill all social obligations and still welcome you home with a smile.

The problem isn't about women being strong. The problem is about how the world perceives a women's strength.

It is devastating, how in some families yet, a women's opinion is only accepted until it is different from others in the society; and it is disgusting that women are always reminded to wear "appropriate" clothes and not men, to look in the "appropriate" places.

Feminism does not always mean modernity. It doesn't HAVE to be women roaming all around in short dresses, or everybody going off to work but if that's what a girl wants, it needs to be accepted - it needs to be the freedom of her choice. Whether a lady decides to be a housewife and wear skirts, or she decides to go to work and wear sarees, her decision needs to be not judged. That is when feminism can be truly achieved.

Let's stop dividing people into pink and blue. And I say, destroy the idea that a woman needs to be respected or treated equally because she is a WOMEN, but because she is a human. Just another species of life on this Earth. Just like men. No lesser than men!

The moment you decide to stand up as a feminist, it isn't only for yourself, but for every other woman who is facing discrimination even in the 21st century.

And what feminists want is "equalism", not special treatments or special mentions in the newspapers that a WOMAN has achieved something.

From the time of birth, women are made believe that they are born in cages so they think freedom is a crime. It's important we change that.You can change that. We can change that! Let's work together and spread this as much as possible.

Thank you so much!

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