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This summer I'd grown overly conscious with the idea of being "fit" and "healthy" and chasing the perception of being an "it girl" that was all over the gram. And I'll tell you, it didn't go down a fitting road- I started skipping meals, over burning myself and eventually staying healthy became wildly toxic for my body.

But fortunately, realisation hit moments after, and self acknowledgment about the fact that the road I was going down was not really flourishing, in truth dangerous even, for my body, helped me rectify my ways.

So here's a list of top 5 low effort things you can do to keep your mind and body refreshed:


I know it's most likely repetitive, but you'll be amazed by the wonders that simply drinking enough fluids does. Primarily, water is the most important element to be checked off. Your body is 60% water, but if it is a cumbersome task for you to drink water, just buy a cool enough sipper that'll make you want to!

Besides water, drink enough juices, maybe lemonade, coconut water, ginger water, or anything else that pleases your taste buds.

On average, you should be having around 3 - 3.5 litres of fluids, but in case the heat gets serious, or you exercise out of the way, you can stretch that to 4 litres easily.


That sounds so wrong, oops.

But in all seriousness, this doesn't instinctively mean going to the gym 2 hours a day, or working out and burning your body extensively, not to say that's bad- if you have a certain fitness goal you're aiming to reach- good for you! But it most definitely isn't necessary.

Taking a short walk in your apartment complex, or your house if schedules are difficult, are pretty effective in refreshing your mind and keeping your body active. Otherwise, cycling in your neighbourhood, or doing fun workouts like dancing and Zumba can also be entertaining whilst still fulfilling the purpose. If you're good at a sport, or enjoy swimming, pursue it! Find creative ways to get your body to be active.

Exercise, in any form, isn't just vital for you physically, but also to clear the junk in your head. Or perhaps organise your overflowing thoughts, or take a break from them.


Okay, yeah, this might be a little hypocritical on my behalf, but I swear I'm trying to fix my sleep schedule too! All those dark circles, long day fatigues, out of the sudden headaches, and random waves of weakness aren't from nothing.

Think of your body as a computer. You're running a hundred tabs all day long, going around the house, or your mind, constantly having it work. It needs to go on sleep mode for required hours, or it's just going to shut down.

I know the nighttime is a peaceful period for most, we usually think and talk and live under the moonlight, but I've been on both sides of the spectrum and I've got to admit, getting a good night's sleep feels like such an accomplishment. I do not suggest you sleep particularly "early," but just get 7 - 8 hours of sleep in one go- that could mean 12 - 8 for you, or 11 - 7, that's on you!


You don't have to stop eating fast-foods, or drinking aerated drinks, but just make sure you balance that off with more nutrients in a day. If you're a fussy eater (like me), categorise in every nutrient, things that you like and focus on getting them to your body. Eat more whole foods- salads are often a tasty way to eat legumes, vegetables, and sprouts. You'd be surprised by how delicious they taste. Here's one video of Tasty Salads for the summers that don't suck!

Usually milk, cheese and other dairy products work fine for calcium intake. Apart from that, if you go to the gym, or work out a lot, make sure to get enough proteins in. Protein shakes, eggs, paneer/tofu, meat, poultry, fish are all foods high on protein!


Meditation is like cleansing your mind; getting everything unnecessary thrown out and grouping important things together. You don't have to be a saint, or even sit in an upright position to concentrate.

Actually, you can meditate while lying down or really in any position that feels comfortable to you. Balance is a really good app that offers anxiety, mood swings, sleep/wake up, energy, mid day, and tons of other kinds of guided meditations ranging right from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Coming to journaling - keep it low maintenance. The reason most of us begin things and leave them midway is because we don't find the right motivation or energy to pursue them everyday. Your journal doesn't have to look pretty, or aesthetic, great if you spend time making it pleasing to the eye- but it doesn't have to! In fact, you don't need a journal at all. Open your notes app, or find online ones if that's more convenient for you. Focus on the objective, which is t track your feelings, reactions, emotions towards certain situations.

Meditation and journaling is like winding up for your messy brain. We all gotta clean every once in a while!

Summarised for all you skimmers:

  1. Drink enough fluids, primarily water

  2. Move your body, get active for at least 15 minutes every day

  3. Get enough sleep - 6 hours is a must every night

  4. Eat enough nutrients that'll provide fuel for your body

  5. Timed meditation and occasional journaling to organise your thoughts

I hope this motivates you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Getting healthy really boosts your self-esteem. Your body provides for you, your mind helps you think- if you do not love it, the least you can do is appreciate that it helps you live!

Going to come back with more help related posts these next few months! Have a happy weekend :))

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