This week was the busiest I'd had in months. Test preps, reading, extra-curricular activities, contract work- it was all over the place. And while it felt good to be tired after having a productive week, I've so desperately waited for the weekend to relax and unwind.

Breaks are important, doesn't apply if you hustle for 30 minutes and chill for 12 hours a day, no really- but if you've genuinely had a busy schedule with no time to spare, use the weekend to ease it down, and take it slow. So here are 8 different ways to relax and take a break:

1. Catch up on sleep

Seriously, sleep in till 11 on the weekends if you've been having long nights and early mornings. I know we often feel the need to stay awake for longer hours on Fridays and Saturdays (they don't feel like weekends otherwise- I get it, I do!) but honestly, at least I personally get so tired, that I usually just end up passing out on the bed.

You don't want dark eye bags on your face when you very well have a shot at preventing them, so don't feel guilty and catch up on all week's sleep. Waking up without fatigue and alarms, at a time of convenience for your body- feels like a perfect Saturday-Sunday routine to me!

2. Take a long warm/cold bath

Baths are so relaxing. Suit yourself a bath according to the weather. Use those extra minutes to apply body scrubs, face masks, or just chill and vibe to bathroom music for hours. Good showers make you feel clean and active, moreover calm your nerves and refresh your body- recharging you for the rest of the day.

3. Pursue a hobby

If you're into art, an instrument, dancing, reading, or writing use weekends as pressure free timezones to indulge in them. Put on some music, or play it, and do what you love doing! Create art, look for inspiration, take it to the next level and enjoy the activity!

4. Have some screen free hours

If you've been spending a lot of your time sitting in front of a laptop, even for work- which is inevitable, or completing assignments, have set periods of hours during the weekends where you get away from digital screens. It's difficult, it's tempting, to scroll through social media- but find something that interests you more.

Maybe play in a board game, or card game, or have a conversation with your family- something that leaves no scope for you to touch your phone. This is not just helpful for your eyes, but also for you to mentally have a break from mindless scrolling and bright screens.

5. Be around trees and breezy winds

Environments can so vastly affect your moods and state of mind. Getting out for some time in the evenings, or early mornings just to stroll in a nearby park, or walk in your neighbourhood, with a friend, or music can clear up your head, and space out all your thoughts.

Outdoors are vital for all of us- introverts or extroverts, and a few couple minutes won't hurt. Maybe explore your area, get food with a friend, or just sit in a park! Be around nature and introspect.

6. Go out for a lunch or dinner with friends

If you've not had enough time to talk to some of your friends, and are still running low on social battery- do a meal with them. No pressure about dressing up extra, or dealing with unnecessary people. Just you and the ones you love- chitchatting about recent life updates and catching up over good food at a lousy restaurant. Friend dates are always better anyways.

7. Have a movie night

Weekends are also excellent for staying up late, if you want to- set up a home theatre and sit in for a spooky, or corny movie with your family, cousins or friends. Overflowing popcorn and other tasty snacks with hilarious characters on screen is never a bad idea to relieve yourself from the stress of the before and after weeks.

8. Do nothing

You've been doing something all week- just lay on your bed, stare at your ceiling and embrace the art of doing nothing. Don't fix your weekends, let them be about you and you only. Don't beat yourself up for not doing anything. Have a cheat day. Don't hit the gym if you're not feeling it today. Binge watch a series, or bake a brownie! I always bake a brownie.

As always here's a summary of the points I listed:

  1. Catch up on sleep

  2. Take a long warm/cold bath

  3. Pursue a hobby

  4. Have screen free hours

  5. Be around nature

  6. Go out for a meal with friends

  7. Have a movie night

  8. Do nothing

Happy weekend! If you enjoyed reading this, do consider commenting- it really helps with the engagement. See you soon :))

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