Updated: May 29, 2021

You must be wondering that this is just another post ranting about all the possible ways social media is not good for you, but the thing is, there are so many better ways you can use these websites but you're not!

All those people who developed these ideas, had a purpose behind it - to unite people from all over the world. To help the youth expand and showcase their talents. To let upcoming artists gain recognition. To showcase your true self and open up, meet new people, share your experience with the society.

Well, it's not everybody to be blamed for, but what most people are caught up in on social media is simply a rat-race on who has a better lifestyle, eats better food, visits expensive places, has the freedom to do whatever they want, etcetera etcetera.

Does this put pressure on kids and individuals who have lesser followers than their friends?


Does this destroy their opinions and make them blindly follow what people with more likes are doing?


Does this demotivate them to stop making content and putting forth their ideas?

Definitely yes.

The whole idea of expressing your true self and showing a new perspective to this planet was what Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and several other social media apps were made for, and sadly, that is the biggest problem we're facing: the fear of being judged and constantly seeking validation from strangers every moment.

Instead of sharing life lessons with others, the mistakes you made and how you rectified them, and the things you did to get there, what everybody is lost in, is to show how "picture perfect" their life is, simply a duplicate of that celebrity you love, or how you're overwhelmed because this popular person liked your picture, slowly but gradually, it is this, what will put your individuality at the risk of being destroyed.

All that you're doing, is living your life through others. Pretending and avoiding the negativity, the problems, running away from them when in the first place, you should stand strong and face it all.

Stop hiding behind these websites like Instagram where you spend half an hour clicking the perfect picture of the food you eat instead of relishing the taste of it.

Stop using these platforms as a mask to show how perfect your morning routine is, or the one selfie you posted after 30 tries, where you apparently just got out from bed.

Stop cyber-bullying and throwing harsh comments to that one innocent kid whose only intention was to share what he had learned that day.

Don't give a bunch of strangers the power to decide how you will feel today.

With over millions of people at just one place, for even the voiceless to be heard, you have the power to make your voice count. Create an impact.

It's not the why you post stuff. It's the what-you-post which maters.






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