Updated: May 4

The idea of humanity is quite an ironical paradox to exist in today's times, because as one would assume humanity is what defines us humans, we're also most greatly losing touch with it.

Humans are one of the most evolved, rapidly advancing and greatly intelligent species, but that's all we are - a species, after all we do share the same ancestors with chimpanzees and bonobos from 60 million years ago, and species get wiped off - sooner or later. We might argue that our big brains are what make us different, but bottlenose dolphins and elephants have bigger brains than us already. Even emotional relationships are not special to us because killer whales form lifelong family bonds, and elephants have been spotted visiting the remains of their dead knowns. Maybe art, music and literature is what sets us apart, but then again, the degrees to which one is able to pursue it differs drastically from individual to individual - does this mean some of us are less human than others? Maybe we don't really have so much that differs us from other species. Maybe our tendency to contain humanity is the only thing that really holds us, separately.

You wonder how privileged humans are to have compassion, kindness , sympathy, gentleness and pity amongst several other fellow feelings to have been described as humane, but then why is it that everything we continue to do stands against it. Targeted killings, forced conversions, slavery, sexual abuse, and the besieging of entire communities, what is our ultimate objective? When did we get so lost that helping a blind man cross the road, or not killing innocent animals grew into difficult tasks we weren't able to safeguard the honour of.

How are we all equally human yet so unequally humane? Along the way, our souls have been deeply contaminated by blemishes of jealousy, greed and selfishness; and it is extremely excruciating to watch humans be differed by their inclination towards being able to commit sins than do good. Yes, one might argue that through technology we've made living easier than ever, women are being recognised as of equal importance now more than ever, and nothing one says can over shadow that but even so, we only see these developments because a small class of people continue to benefit from all progress, while most are stuck in the same vicious cycle of agony. The richest are responsible for most of the harmful effects, like environmental damages, in the world, but its consequences will fall most heavily on the poor. The world’s 26 richest people own as much capital as the poorest 3.8 billion humans combined. Too much of an inequality gap in terms of socio-economic factors as well as income have grown.

At least we were all more equally miserable in the old days. Maybe the loss of this, is what made us lose our ability to sympathise with others.

We continue to compete against one another for power and money, sabotaging what keeps us alive in the process. The force of the human ego has reached terrifying proportions as we continue to thrive. We're working together as races, and more narrowly classified batches, instead of as a whole species.

Maybe our inability to define humans very specifically, only having bits of humane qualities scattered like stardust in each one of our own galaxies, is what keeps us so unapologetically humans, and maybe it's time we be thank grateful for that and find a purpose beyond personal contentment, because maybe a million years later, another species will talk of us and say, "oh humans, yeah they lived a pretty long era.," which means we better make it worthwhile while we can.

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