Updated: Jun 24

Although COVID finds its way back to around November, it was in early March when most of the world had finally what a surprise the year really had for us.

From being locked up in the house for over 6 months, cleaning rooms all ourselves, cutting off junk, forming close connections with loved close ones but at the same time also losing some of them, 2020 really did make us realise that worst nightmares can come true.

It's not wrong to blame the disease, and the year altogether for making us go through hell and back, but let me ask you - when was the last time before March when you actually sat down and spoke to your family and played games together? When was the last time you realized that, after all, cinema halls, restraunts and fashion is not all that is in the world? When was the last time you gave yourself time and discovered so many new things about yourself?

So was 2020 everything about being bad? Maybe not.

Well, here's the thing - how would we appreciate the good in the world if nothing ever was bad? How would we ever have hope for anything if we were never pushed off to the edge? How would we ever be excited about plans if they hadn't been crushed that one time? How would we value life if death didn't exist? How would living on this planet have a purpose if it was forever? If it was a perfectly utopian society, it wouldn't really be happy, it would just be a new normal.

So is the bad really bad for us? Probably not. Yes, it hurts us, it stings, it makes us sad, sometimes it harms us - physically, as well as emotionally but ultimately it's just preparing us to value the good. To enjoy the good. To make the most when good times finally hit you.

Remember when during the beginning of this pandemic you thought you may not even survive to celebrate the 2021? But here you are - fit and fine. Nothing lasts forever and this time too shall pass by :)

On a personal note, here's what 2020 taught me:

To take the utmost advantage of the situation. To appreciate while living the moment. It comprehended me to follow my passion and do what I love before it was too late. To value my family and friends because they really do love me. To take care of myself because I was the one who got myself through this year. To appreciate the good while it lasted.

I hope your 2021 goes amazing, and you stay safe and healthy, but most importantly that you don't regret what you're doing right now because this time gone, will never return back!

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